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Welcome to tourism website of Iljonberg!

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Site has been designed to promote tourism in Finland as a forum for senior citizens.

We live in the Central Finland (in Kivijärvi). Here is a good place to visit



Koirasalmen luontotupa



Photo from Central Finland (Kivijärvi):    

Finland offers an unforgettable holiday experience all year round

Summer ends with an explosion
of color in the forests. This is the
season known as ‘ruska’, when
the autumnal reds, browns and
yellows are especially beautiful
on the fells of Lapland.

In Finland we have 200,000 lakes,
half a million cottages and one midnight sun.

Lakeland is covered by more water than land.
The heart of the region is Saimaa, the largest lake in Finland. Saimaa is home to the endangered Saimaa ringed seal.


Contact details of the visit in Finland:   iljonberg

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